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Privacy Policy


Maple Coupons Inc. (“Maple Coupons”, also referred to as “us” or “we”) makes this privacy policy statement effective with respect to any data that we’ve collected, or will collect, about and/or from you.  This privacy policy discusses practices relating to the Maple Coupons website (the “Website”).  All of the services that Maple Coupons provides on the Website shall collectively be called the “Services”.


Your Privacy Is Important to Us: At Maple Coupons, keeping your personal information in confidence is a foundation of our business and is a critical part of our dedication to customer service excellence.  Further, the law requires us to fulfill certain privacy obligations, which are set out in detail in this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions at all concerning this privacy policy please contact us at Contact Us. We encourage you to read this privacy policy so that you can understand how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information and how you can manage your information in a way that best suits you.  By using the Website, or the Services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy and our terms of use [ Terms of Use ]


If you do not agree to any of these Privacy Policy Terms or the Terms of Use do not use or access the Website or utilize our Services.


Effective Date


This Privacy Policy is effective with respect to any data that we’ve collected, or collect, about and/or from you, according to our Terms of Use.




If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to update, delete, or change any Personal Information you’ve submitted on the Website, please use our Contact Us link to get in touch. You may also contact us by postal mail at:


Maple Coupons Inc.


14-12030 Symons Valley   Road NW


Alberta T3P 0S5


Information We Collect


Information You Provide to Us: When you register to use any of our Services, create an account, engage in certain activities on the Website including purchases, surveys, special contests, order a product or service from us or any of our partners, post a review, request information, communicate with our customer service team, send us an email, or engage with us in any other way, you’re giving us information that we collect. That information may include your IP address, name, physical address, email address, phone number, credit card information, and other details like gender, occupation, and other demographic information. By giving us this information, you consent to your information being collected, used, disclosed, and stored by us and used for purpose of providing our products and services.


Cookies: When you register to use the Website we store "cookies," which are strings of code, on your computer. We use those cookies to collect information about when you visit our Website, when you use the Services, your browser type and version, your operating system, and other similar information. We also use cookies to identify your device, secure your access to our Website, and know if someone attempts to access your account from a different device.  You may turn off cookies that have been placed on your computer by following the instructions on your browser, but if you block our cookies, it may be more difficult (and maybe even impossible) to use the Services.


Web Beacons: When we send emails to registered customers, we'll sometimes track who opened the emails and who clicked the links. To do this, we include single pixel gifs, also called web beacons, in emails we send. Web beacons allow us to collect information about when you open the email, your IP address, your browser or email client type, and other similar details. Reports are also available to us when we send you email, so we may collect and review that information.


Information From Other Sources: We may get more information about you, like name, age, and participation in social media websites, by searching the Internet or querying third parties. We only collect data that you provide, or that’s publicly available or provided by a third party according to its terms of use and privacy policy.


Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information: We may use and disclose your Personal Information only as follows:


  • To promote use of our Services.


  • To administer sweepstakes and contests;


  • To analyze and enhance the operation of the Website;


  • To bill and collect money owed to us. This includes sending you emails, invoices, receipts, notices of delinquency, and alerting you if we need a different credit card number. We use third parties for secure credit card transaction processing, and we send billing information to those third parties to process your orders and credit card payments. Any financial and payment information that you provide will not be disclosed to anyone other than you and will be kept strictly confidential and secure.


  • To send you administrative messages. For example, we may let you know about temporary or permanent changes to our Services, like planned outages, new features, version updates, releases, abuse warnings, and changes to our Privacy Policy.


  • To provide products and services to you;


  • To improve our marketing and promotional efforts;


  • To tailor your experience with third parties;


  • To enforce compliance with our Terms of Use and applicable law. This may include developing tools and algorithms that help us prevent violations.


  • To provide customer support and enhance the level of service that we provide to you.


  • To protect the rights and safety of our users and third parties, as well as our own.


  • To meet legal requirements like complying with court orders and valid subpoenas.


  • To provide information to representatives and advisors, like attorneys and accountants, to help us comply with legal, accounting, or security requirements.


  • To prosecute and defend a court, arbitration, or similar proceeding.


  • To support and improve the Services we offer.


  • To communicate with you about your account for informational, not promotional, reasons.


  • To troubleshoot and accomplish administrative tasks.


  • To transfer your information in the case of a sale, merger, consolidation, or acquisition. In that event, any acquirer will be subject to our obligations under this Privacy Policy, including your rights to access and choice. We will notify you of the change either by sending you an email or posting a notice on our Web site.


To send you informational and promotional content that you may choose (or "opt in") to receive. You can stop receiving our promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in every email.


Release of Personal Information With Maple Coupon Vendors


We may share your personal information with Maple Coupon Vendors.  As part of the Services, we may provide you with offers from Maple Coupon Vendors who request your information based on customers who recently purchased a similar product, service or offer.  The sharing of this information will allow a Maple Coupon Vendor to market directly to you.  We disclaim any liability associated with this activity, and by using the Services and the Website, you are expressly consenting to the sharing of your personal information with Maple Coupon Vendors and are fully absolving us of any liability with respect to this sharing of information.  Further we have no liability for any activity that we cannot control, including the actions of Maple Coupon Vendors.


Opting Out of Communications and Unsubscribe Links


Unsubscribe links are required by Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation for promotional emails.  You can choose to “opt-out” of any promotional email that you receive from us, and may choose not to receive these types of emails in the future.  We will send you information from time to time about your user account and other administrative matters.  You cannot opt-out of administrative emails; however you can choose not to receive any promotional or marketing email from us.  We will always provide an opt-out option for these types of correspondence.


Public Information and Third Parties


Search Engines. We are not responsible, and bear no liability, for any display or usage of your name by a public or private search engine.


Blog or Forums. We may have public blogs or forums on our Websites. Any information you include in a comment on our blog or forum may be read, collected, and used by anyone. If your Personal Information appears on our blogs and you’d like it to be removed, contact us here.


Social Media Widgets. Our Websites include social media features, like the Facebook Like button. These features may collect information about your IP address and which page you’re visiting on our site, and they may set a cookie to make sure the feature functions properly. Social media features and widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our site. Your interactions with those features are governed by the privacy policies of the companies that provide them.    


Links to Third-Party Sites. Our Websites include links to other websites, whose privacy practices may be different from Maple Coupon’s. If you submit Personal Information to any of those sites, your information is governed by their privacy policies. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any Website you visit.


Google Analytics. We may use Google Analytics to better understand how visitors interact with our site.  This service provides us with non-identifiable data including but not limited to data on where visitors came from, what actions they took on our site, and where visitors went when they left our site.


Third Party Service Providers


We may share your personal information with third-party service providers, who provide certain services on our behalf such as sending out emails, or promotional materials, providing marketing assistance or analysis, administering certain contests that we will engage in from time to time, providing troubleshooting or operational assistance for the Website, facilitating payment and customer service mechanisms, and performing other administrative tasks.  We encourage our third party service providers to review and adopt our privacy policies; however, the use of your personal information by such third-parties is governed by the privacy policies of these providers and is beyond the subject of our control. 




We agree to keep your private information in strictest confidence and only disclose it pursuant to the terms of this Privacy Policy or as otherwise required by law.


Notice of Breach of Security


If a security breach causes an unauthorized intrusion into our system that materially affects you, then we will notify you as soon as possible and later report the action we took in response. 


Data, Transparency, and Choice


We do our best to keep your data accurate and up to date, to the extent that you provide us with the information we need to do that. If your data changes (like a new email address), then you’re responsible for notifying us of those changes.


We only store data about you for as long as it’s reasonably required to fulfill the purposes that gave us the right to access it in the first place. We keep some data indefinitely, relating to when and where emails were sent, which bounced, which resulted in a complaint, and similar information, because we use it to help us screen out people who violate Anti-SPAM laws, and for other reasons explained in this policy.


We’ll give you access to any Personal Information about you that we hold within 30 days of any request for that information you make by contacting us here. Unless it’s prohibited by law, we’ll remove any Personal Information about you from our servers at your request


Changes To This Privacy Policy


If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy, we’ll post them on the Website, and other places that we deem appropriate. Any changes will be effective as of the date we post on the Website or send the email (or whichever date is later). We unilaterally reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time.


Business Transfers


We may be the subject of a business combination, merger, amalgamation, acquisition or other business transaction that will require the sharing of your personal information with the successor company.  However in the event of such business transfer your personal information will be subject to the terms of this privacy policy.


Updating Your Personal Information


You may change your personal information at any time by logging into your account and making such changes, or sending us an email at  When contacting us please provide your name, address, email address and what information you would like changed. We encourage you to keep your personal information up to date and promptly update us should this information change.


Withholding of Your Personal Information


You may choose not to provide your personal information, however it may affect your ability to access our services and engage in certain activities on the Website. 


Minor Children


In order to use our Website you must be over 18 years of age.  We will not knowingly collect the personal information of anyone who is under the age of 18, nor is any part of our Website designed to attract individuals under the age of 18.  We do not sell products for purchase by children; however in certain circumstances we may choose to sell children’s products or services which may be purchased by an adult.


Publically Viewable Posting


If we provide areas on our Website where you can publicly post information about yourself, or communicate with others, such as blogs, user boards, review postings, then you agree that this information may be accessed by other users, companies or third parties who may also use our Website.  Therefore, your information can be collected by these parties without our consent or control.  We have no control over who reads your postings or uses the information that you share on these areas.  Please use caution when posting any personal information on a public component of the Website.


Social Media Log-In and Public Posting


You may have the option to log into the Website through a social media portal such as Facebook or Twitter.  With this option you will need to enter your social media credentials and by proceeding you are allowing us to access your information and are thereby agreeing to the terms of use of that particular social media site in your use of our Website. 


Mobile and Location Information


We may provide mobile enabled services such an application which may receive information about your use of our services on your mobile divide.  This information may also include information about your location if you have enabled location-based services on your mobile device.


Protection of Personal Information


We agree to protect your personal information, hold it strictly in confidence and only disclose it in circumstances that are required by law, or as outlined in this Privacy Policy, or otherwise with your express written consent.  We also acknowledge and agree that we will use reasonable and appropriate online security measures and safeguards to protect your personal information.  By creating a user account, and signing up for our Services, you are expressly agreeing to these privacy terms. We take security matters very seriously and engage in numerous steps to safeguard your information.  No data transmission over the Internet is guaranteed to be 100% secure, as a result, while we engage commercially reasonable measures to safeguard your information and also partner with third party service providers to do the same, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you provide to us through the Internet and we are not responsible for the actions of third parties that may intercept or receive such information.