About us - We are a Canada based company named Maple Coupons Inc. We aim to provide an intersection for both consumers and businesses that can be advantageous for both. Our knowledge and skills can help new businesses take off and give established businesses additional exposure.

Mission - Maple Coupons desires to be the leading platform to connect consumers who are looking for new avenues to shop, dine and play with businesses that are seeking to attract new clientele.

Our Values - We are a Canada-based company that connects more personally with businesses and consumers alike to ensure complete satisfaction for both. We are always seeking novel ways to meet the expectations of our customers - both consumers in search of new shopping experiences and businesses trying to exceed the expectations of their customers. To this end, we have created a platform which is creative and innovative in every aspect of the consumer's purchase by presenting a point of sale that involves constant testing and improvement in our designs, inventory and shopping experience.

Our Vision - We have set our eyes on the stars! We hope to be grand achievers in creating a close relationship between consumers and businesses from coast to coast while achieving a breakthrough internationally with rich offerings of the Canadian market.